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Psychology Interns & Postgraduate Fellows

WILA’s excellent training programs attract an impressively bright, curious, and motivated group of students. Since our founding, over 600 graduate students, interns, and postgraduate fellows have studied at WILA and become exceedingly competent and compassionate mental health professionals.

Trevor Alleman, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Trevor is a doctoral candidate at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. He has completed specialized training in MBT (Mentalization Based Therapy) and draws from a wide range of psychoanalytic theories. He has previously trained at Greenhouse Therapy Center and Fuller Psychological and Family Services in Pasadena, CA. Trevor is particularly interested in how culture and spirituality inform identity development. His ultimate goal is to help others become more curious about their own minds and the minds of others.

Kyana Barakett, M.A.

Postgraduate Fellow

Kyana is a doctoral candidate at The American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. She is particularly passionate about helping individuals with a variety of presenting concerns to foster an integrated mind-body connection through mindfulness and meditation. She is drawn to attachment theory, and is interested in working with individuals with a history of relational trauma.

Nicole Flowers, M.A.

Postgraduate Fellow

Nicole is a doctoral candidate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has experience working with adults and couples who seek a greater experience of themselves. One of Nicole’s passions is the intersection of art as a window to the unconscious.

Tyler Howard, M.A.

Postgraduate Fellow

Tyler is a doctoral candidate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles. She has previously trained at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Western Youth Services, and the Chicago School Counseling Center in Westwood. She has worked with youth, families and adults with a variety of issues and draws on psychodynamic and relational theories while integrating mind/body-based techniques. She is particularly passionate about working with trauma and loss, addiction, relationship difficulties, and issues related to identity and intersectionality.

Jennifer Kashani, M.A.

Postgraduate Fellow

Jennifer is a doctoral candidate at the California School of Professional Psychology. She is passionate about helping adults navigate life transitions, relationship issues, trauma, anxiety and depression. She strives to create a space to explore feelings without judgment and to use the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for positive change.

Kyle Kermott, M.A.

Postgraduate Fellow

Kyle is a doctoral candidate at the American School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco Bay Area. He has training working with adults and college-aged individuals on numerous issues such as anxiety and depression, relationship troubles, difficulties related to life transitions, and identity issues. He is passionate about psychoanalytic psychotherapy and working with his patients on discovering a life that feels real and authentic.

Samantha Liberman, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Samantha is a doctoral candidate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles. She has previously trained at The Chicago School Counseling Center, Hillsides Full Service Program, and The Achievable Foundation working primarily with adolescents and adults. She is passionate about working with patients utilizing psychodynamic and object-relational theories.

Kate Petrosky, Psy.D.

Postgraduate Fellow

Kate received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. She primarily draws from psychodynamic and object relations theories in her work with clients. Kate has particular interest in new motherhood, life transitions, and the process involved in becoming our true selves.

Erica Sanborn, M.A.

Psychology Intern

Erica is a doctoral candidate at the California School of Professional Psychology. She has training working with adults and college-aged individuals on a variety of presenting concerns such as relationship issues, depression and anxiety, self-esteem concerns, and identity development. She is drawn to attachment theory and is interested in the integration of mental and physical wellness. She is passionate about helping individuals embrace their vulnerability and curiosity so that they can forge meaning and build identity through the sharing of their story.

Pear Wilson, MSW

Postgraduate Fellow

Pear received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the Smith College School for Social Work in Northampton, Massachusetts. She is inspired by the parallels in thought between multiple cultures and disciplines as to how the unconscious works in each of our lives and how it can be understood and utilized. Pear spent several years teaching meditation, yoga, and self-empowerment techniques and carries the spirit of that work forward into her current practice with individuals, families, and couples from varying walks of life. Pear draws from classical psychoanalytic theory, Jungian theory, depth psychology, and Vedic philosophy, and is primarily focused on building a unique, supportive relationship in the room with her patients.