Over our years of life and love, many of us often notice people in our world that hold a certain super-power; a capacity or skill or thing that they do, that is unique to them in its amazing execution and natural style.

Some of us, for example, have noticed, while working for that one boss 15 years ago, that her super-power was in telling the truth to the point where we had actually reconsidered some of our life choices at that time. She just let you have it with a compassionate bluntness that no one else in your life had. Ever since then, as a matter of fact, we still carry that voice, that gets us to make more of the choices that facilitate our growth and less of those that create chaos in our lives.

Or—we have that one co-worker with an irreplaceable capacity to create excitement and inspiration when gloom or despair seem to rule the universe. He would check in with you about your weekend and before you knew it, he helped you realize that your uneventful Sunday was potentially your first step in just being in the moment and tolerating silence. You got excited all of a sudden at this apparent new skill!

Or—perhaps, we have that friend that creates funny skits out of every impossible and frustrating situation or event. This allows us to breathe when times get really not-funny. Moreover, through the humor this person uses, we are able to see what is actually possible with that impossible scheduling conflict or that frustrating in-law visit.

If at this point, you’re thinking, ‘Hmmmm, what, then, is my super power?,’ this means that you may have realized that you actually have one, and that you have some drive to figure it out. There, start here.

Let’s explore for a moment what super-powers are in order to get the ball rolling.

Super-power is that thing that you do so well, so organically and/or almost effortlessly. Usually, if you look back at your social interactions and professional and amateur pursuits, you would find that you had received some compliments for that skill/capacity/passion/way of being/presence/role/position etc. Then, take a moment and think about what, over the past ten years, has enlivened you; had drawn awe or laughter or movement of soul by your friends and colleagues; had been a source of excitement and industry for you. Write down whatever memory comes to mind; whatever compliment had touched you deeply; whatever moment you didn’t want to end.

Please do not censor yourself (to yourself…) as you think about these things and make that list. Allow yourself to bask and swim in those achievements of spirit, or moments of full presence, gratitude and fulfillment. These instances allow you a peak to what may in fact prove to be your super-power.

If you’re blanking on those, try to take a moment to think about the things that you have done in the past week, month and/or year that felt organic to you AND also felt to be impactful in a meaningful way for the folks around you. This obviously doesn’t have to be some ground-shattering insight that you provided to a friend, client or parent. This could be just a gentle reminder that you gave a friend, colleague or stranger of their bravery or breadth of spirit.

In other words, what have you found to be helpful and enriching to your partner, friends, or colleagues? Was it your unconditional focus and care? Was it your incredible ability at organization? Was it your rich knowledge and passion about the world of finances/gardening/vintage cars/exercise? Did you find yourself spouting out financial advice about savings or mortgage? Did you experience yourself being the best trainer and motivator as you and your best friend signed up for the 3-K run in May? Do you often find yourself in the role of patient educator when the topic of meditation comes up? Do you often find yourself on the “devil’s advocate” side and feel exhilarated by your talent at sparking unpredictable thoughts or actions with your friends? Do you find yourself the Tupperware that safely contains other people’s anxieties and dreams without a second breath?

Whatever you find yourself to be doing on a consistent, inspired, loving and passionate level—please take a moment to consider that whatever it is that you’re doing for others, and hopefully, yourself, is your own personal super-power.

If you need some help in figuring what your super-powers or on the other hand, what your kryptonites are, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our intern-therapists here. Through the work with a therapist, you have the opportunity to explore these things and discovering many others. Give us a call at (424) 371-5191, to schedule an intake with one of our therapists.




I’m Eva Patrick, one of the therapists you could see at Wright Institute Los Angeles where we offer Affordable Therapy for Everyday People!

Eva received her Psy.D. degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She embraces considerations from mostly a relational orientation, along with implementation of psychodynamic, Time-Limited Dynamic Therapy, and behavioral concepts. Eva is specifically interested in utilizing her clients’ stories of transitional periods and their perception of self (their personal myths) – as a vehicle to discover new possibilities for thought and action.