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Alumni Publications


Our newsletters will keep you up to date on the latest happenings at WILA

2016 Newsletter

After 41 years of leadership, Allen Yasser has become WILA’s Director Emeritus… [continue]

2015 Newsletter

After 20 years at our home on Pico Boulevard, Wright Institute Los Angeles was forced to move…” [continue]

2014 Newsletter

“On September 7th WILA celebrated its 40th birthday. Our guest of honor was none other than Myra Pomerantz…” [continue]

2013 Newsletter

“It’s been about two months since Hedda died. Even in her last days she was so much more about living than dying…” [continue]

Alumni Spotlights

Here we feature distinguished alumni and reflections on their time at WILA

Dr. Harriet Kimble Wrye

“I feel forever indebted to WILA. It was an incredible privilege to be there.” [continue]

Dr. David Laramie

“Valuing depth and meaning, both personally and professionally: that’s what I got from WILA.” [continue]

Dr. Dana Kiesel

“WILA was the first real psychological home that I felt safe to learn in, to go in depth in a way that regular graduate programs didn’t allow… I don’t think many places like that exist…” [continue]

Dr. Stephen Phillips

“Outside of my own analysis, WILA was the best place to learn who you were and who you wanted to be as a therapist…” [continue]

More Distinguished Alumni Coming Soon…